Governance and awareness of migration

Two aspects of the migration to quantum-safe cryptography are central in Work Package 3: governing the transition, and ways to create awareness on the importance and urgency of this transition.

Governance and awareness of quantum-safe migration

The first aspect has been the object of a detailed report (formalized as deliverable 3.1) that describes the main challenges, actors, and recommendations for the transition to quantum-safe PKIs. Some important insights of this report are that governing this transition is a highly complex task, with many interdependent actors and challenges (which are described in detail in the report, together with their dependencies and priorities), and that policy makers will need to take action to ensure that proper governance mechanisms are in place for the migration of PKIs.


For what concerns the awareness-raising aspect, the activities of Work Package 3 are centred around the creation of a serious game, meant to provide stakeholders with an engaging and intuitive way to realize the necessity of the migration to quantum-safe cryptography, and to identify which steps need to be taken by which party. The HAPKIDO researcher first gathered goals and requirements for the game from various subject-matter experts, and then proceeded to the creation and evaluation of a tabletop game. The game has steadily evolved during the course of the last year, and several play sessions have taken place, notably at the PKI Consortium event on post-quantum cryptography of November 2023