CWI (Research Group Cryptology)

CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) is the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands and is part of I (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). The CWI Cryptology Research Group studies the cryptographic foundations of digital security at large. The conducted research ranges from mathematical aspects and their connections to other fields of science, to practicality questions and implications for industry, government and society. Within the project CWI is in the lead for the scientific part of the cryptology research.

Our Experts

Serge Fehr

Serge Fehr is a researcher at CWI in Amsterdam and a professor in the Mathematical Institute at Leiden University. His field of research sits at the intersection between mathematics, computer science and physics. His main focus is on cryptography and quantum information science, and the connections between the two: how does the cryptographic landscape change when considering information-processing devices that behave according to the laws of quantum mechanics? One particular focus is the security of classical cryptographic schemes against quantum attacks. Within HAPKIDO, he leads Work Package 5 on "Cryptographic Tools".

Leo Ducas

Leo Ducas does research on cryptology, and is more specifically interested in theoretical and practical aspects of lattice-based cryptography. He is involved in the design of fast algorithms for use in lattice-based cryptographic protocols, and in the design of optimized cryptographic protocols for practice. This work includes candidates Quantum-safe protocols  for the NIST standardization competition. He is also interested the precise security estimations of lattice problems, the fine tuning of cryptanalytic algorithm and their implementation. In particular he is very active in the development of the FPLLL lattice reduction library, so as to test in practice the latest algorithmic advances, but also to provide useful tools for prototyping new algorithms.

Yu-Hsuan Huang

Yu-Hsuan Huang is a PhD student at CWI in Amsterdam. His interest lies in post-quantum cryptography, and more generally, theoretical computer science in the presence of quantum computation. The considered research questions often include pin-pointing (in particular, quantum) security of certain cryptographic constructions/methdologies, which comes in the form of mathematical proofs. In the scope of HAPKIDO, his focus is on the cryptographic aspect.