Research Group Applied Cryptography and Quantum Algorithms & Networked Organizations

TNO, the Dutch organization for applied research, is working in various initiatives on developments surrounding the quantum computer. The development of the hardware of the quantum computer and the quantum internet will be tackled in collaboration with TU Delft within the QuTech partnership. The Applied Cryptography and Quantum Applications group works on topics related to securing information and connections (PKI, quantum-safe cryptography) and investigates quantum algorithms that can outperform or provide better solutions than traditional algorithms.

TNO has experience with the deployment of post-quantum cryptography, in particular to map the practical effects on various communication networks. The Networked Organizations group works on policy and organizational aspects of critical (information) infrastructure protection. TNO is in the lead of the technology and technical migration research, and will lead the overall project.

Our Experts

René Bakker

Rene is project manager within the Applied Cryptography and Quantum Algorithms department. He works on several cyber security related projects. In previous jobs Rene worked on privacy- and security compliance and on identity management. He has a background in cyber security (MSc Universiteit Leiden).

Dayana Spagnuelo

Dayana is a researcher specialised in information security and its interplay with data protection requests. Having researched in the past how some of the data protection principles, such as Privacy, Transparency and Accountability, should be realised in technical systems, she now turns her attention to how current solutions can help to, and how future ones should be tailored to, accomplish them.

Alessandro Amadori

Alessandro is a Cryptographer at TNO. His current focus is on the migration to post-quantum cryptography and applications of secure multiparty computation. He is part of the HAPKIDO Project where he contributes to the realization of proof-of-concepts.

Michiel Marcus

Michiel is a cryptographer within the Applied Cryptography and Quantum Algorithms department of TNO. He specialises in post-quantum cryptography and the formal verification of cryptography, which are both essential in the upcoming migration to post-quantum cryptography

Stefan van den Berg

Stefan is a cryptographer at the department Applied Cryptography and Quantum Algorithms at TNO. He has a background in information security and embedded systems. His work focuses on development of various Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, Post-Quantum Cryptography solutions and Quantum Applications.