Growth model

Work Package 7 aims to identify different stages of QS transition using the concept of growth models and further develop transition roadmaps to quantum-safe PKIs.

Expert interviews and workshops

In 2023, series of expert interviews, literature analysis have been conducted to identify socio-technical challenges of quantum-safe transition. Several workshops were held with PKI practitioners to further examine the driving power and dependencies power of different QS transition challenges. Additionally, two external workshops were held at the Quantum Meets Event (4 June 2023) and at the PKI consortium (7 November 2023). The workshops provided an opportunity to not only share insights on WP7, but also fostered an interactive environment with different practitioners and experts (e.g., PKI users, service providers, regulators, and supervisory bodies etc). The feedback provided by HAPKIDO researchers and PKI practitioners were synthesized. The report describing the different stages of growth model is expected to be published at the beginning of 2024 as Deliverable 7.1. In addition, HAPKIDO researchers are currently working on the readiness level assessment tool for QS transition that organization can use to navigate the changing environment and development of QS transition which will be available in 2024.