HAPKIDO course

Some of the dominant challenges for the transition to quantum-safe (QS) public key infrastructure (PKI) systems are that the average PKI user is unaware of the imminent risks to their systems and, if aware, they struggle to locate easily accessible and comprehensible knowledge on the topic.

It is with this problem in mind that HAPKIDO is happy to announce the development of their Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which will centre on research conducted by consortium partners CWI, TNO, and TU Delft. The aim of the MOOC is to provide a free and comprehensive online learning course which can fill this gap as a worldwide leading educational instrument. The course will target both a national and international audience, policy makers, professionals, PKI users and students.

The course will be divided into two tracks to better address the complex nature of the issue: a Technology Track and a Policy Track. Students will have the opportunity to choose a track or follow both depending on their personal needs, allowing them to immerse themselves in the topics they find most interesting. The Technology Track will explore the science behind PKIs and its relation to Quantum Computing, as well as what ‘hybrid approaches’ constitute. The Policy Track will explore the socio-technical elements of QS PKI and the transition to it, and contextualize this event in a larger governance and policy framework. The course is currently being developed, will be filmed and edited in early autumn of 2024 and is expected to be published in the winter of 2024 at the latest.